Liberty Teacup Pincushion

I've had a teacup pincushion for years - I made it back in 2008 when I first took up sewing again, and it's been very useful. Lately though, it's been looking a little sad:

Such a mess - faded, worn and discolored! So last week I thought I would give it a bit of a makeover. I used a small piece of my favorite Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric, and re-used the same teacup. The inside is poly-fill mixed with steel wool, this is meant to keep the needles nice and sharp.

Making a teacup pincushion is really easy. You start by making a ball shape using fabric and poly-fill (or you can use quilt batting, wool, thread and fabric scraps, or whatever else you happen to have on hand), and then simply glue the ball to the inside of your teacup. I used the saucer as well - that way you have somewhere to put your seam ripper, bobbins and all those other little things that have a way of disappearing right when you need them...

This was a quick and easy project, and it added some color to my sewing area. Win-win! If you feel like making your own teacup pincushion, here is a link to a tutorial that explains the whole process in more detail.

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