College Student Care Package

Just a quick update today, as I'm having a bit of a busy week. As last week marked the start of the college semester here in Sweden, I thought I'd show you this care package we recently sent of to a new college student.

I used to love the start of the new school year back when I was a student, partly because it gave me the chance to stock up on new office supplies. I am a total geek when it comes to things like pens, notepads, and binders! Now that I'm not a student anymore, I try to live vicariously through others...

Of course, the perfect college student care package has to include some edibles, as well. This particular student has some dietary restrictions, so instead of the usual chocolates we opted for some healthy snacks from Swedish health food guru Renée Voltaire. I LOVE her products! Lots of vegan, raw, clean eating type things, and always delicious.

(Image from Renée Voltaire)

This college care package included:
- A set of adorable mini highlighters from Muji
- Whitelines notebook (another love of mine)
- Neon page markers
- Glass and Porcelaine pens for this particularly crafty student
- The awesome book Me on the Floor, Bleeding by Swedish YA author Jenny Jägerfeld
- Chocolate covered gojiberries
- White chocolate covered raspberries & blueberries
- Heavenly Spread almond butter
- White sesame crackers

I hope you're all having a great week!

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