More journal pages!

Well, there hasn't been much crafting going on here, apart from my journaling! I'm really enjoying playing around with colors and techniques.

I like this first spread a lot. I was trying a new color combo and attempting to add more collage to my pages (I've been mostly painting lately). I'm pleased with the result!

I've decided to join in Kathryn's challenge to create a calendar page for every month this year. Lots of fun! I must admit that I have skipped ahead and done more than one page already... For more lovely calendars, see the challenge flickr group.

Another page, haven't added the journaling yet. As in my first journal, I'm doing a lot of imitating (why don't we call it "interpreting"? sounds much better!) other, more talented artists... Trying to find what styles I like. Here I'm playing around with different facial dimensions. Inspired by tollipop on etsy.

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  1. Thanks again for posting on Craftster, Karin...I'm following you now because of your gorgeous pages! :D