Marbled Papers and a Page

Thought I'd show some marbled papers I made a few weeks ago using an awesome, simple and fun method: Shaving Cream marbling! I used this Craftster tutorial. The papers turned out lovely, but they still smell faintly of shaving cream! Need to find a way to get rid of that smell...

And here's my February page for Kathryn's calendar challenge! I actually made this page weeks ago, I got a little ahead of myself and made a bunch of monthly spreads. Awesome challenge!

Hope you've had a good month!


  1. Hi Karin, this is mum.
    I just wanted to say that I love the smell of shaving cream, so why don´t you send one of these fantastic pages, preferably the green, to me, and then I can take a break from studying and dream away for a sec!
    I love you!
    Hugs from mum

  2. Hi Karin. Your Feb pages look really great! I LOVE the butterflies - makes me think that spring may be here soon :-)
    As for the link on my blog - you won't believe this but it has disappeared overnight! I have been in touch with the company but I will have to wait till I hear back from them before I can tell you any more. Sorry x

  3. Hi Karin,
    The link is back! Apparantly the site was being upgraded so it was down for a while but everything is back to normal. If you go back to my blog you will now see the link at the bottom of the calendar post and you will be able to add a link back to your great Feb page :-)

  4. Awesome, thanks!! I added my page now :)

  5. What fantastic pages. I love your marbled pages :-) S x

  6. So pretty and soft Karin! Love the scented marble pages too:) Haven't tried this technique, but will be sure to use a good smelling shaving cream when I do!

  7. this is a fab journaling page!!! I love the lips in the corner!!! Hugs Juls

  8. A few days ago my grand daughter was here (shes 12) and I had opened a package that had a thin, narrow plastic sleeve over it. She grabbed and said "I've go an idea!"

    Very quickly she grabbed some thin colored paper, quickly made some flowers, stuck them in the sleeve and presented them to me!

    I just about spilled the cup of coffee I had just made with my keurig b60 coffee maker it was so cute!

    It is amazing what you can do with a little paper and some imagination!

  9. AMAZING pages Karin.. looking forward to exploring your blog :)
    Thank you for your lovely comments.xx