Lots of goodies in the mail

I received some lovely treasures in the mail yesterday! I was having a really bad day (I hate job hunting!) and they really cheered me up. Look at my loot!

Of course I started ripping them up at once, and this is the first thing I found: My lovely Valentine from Jenny of Stitcher and Scribbler! I won her Valentines giveaway last week, and these are the goodies that she sent. An adorable felt pin, lovely Valentines-themed art and some cute bunny Valentines. Plus, look at that gorgeous ribbon! Thank you SO much Jenny!

Next was my notebook from the Collate project, a journal collaboration organized by Sweet Jessie. Paper crafters and journal writers from all over the world gathered and sent in 50 pieces of pretty, vintage or repurposed papers, and Jessie had them all bound into these beautiful notebooks. Look at all the papery goodness!

Some of my favorite pages:

Thank you Jenny and Jessie, you made my day!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad I could help cheer you up! xo

  2. Den är jättefin denna jounal, blir så frestad att göra sådana och binda in med spiral!

  3. That's truly wonderful! have a great day!

  4. What lovely things came in your mail, lucky you!

  5. Å gud va skoj, jag gillar med swaps, ska byta medtvå tjejer nu :) Så skoj när man får hem breven! Ska spana in sidan du nämnde :D