I (heart) OREOs

Happy Valentines everyone! I hope you all had a great day! Keith and I didn't celebrate too much, but we did go see a movie (Seven Pounds, loved it!) on Friday night, as my mother and her hubby arrived to visit on Saturday afternoon.

The only other Valentine-y thing we did was inspired by this lovely Craftster post: OREO balls! Or more accurately, OREO hearts - perfect for the occasion! I used to love OREOs when I lived in the US, but I don't eat them much these days as they are super expensive over here. But these just sounded too yummy to pass up... And they look pretty, too!

Are you a fan of OREOs?


  1. Yes I am! As a matter of fact, I'm munching on one now, teehee!

  2. Well I am not really an Oreo fan but my hubby and daughter are crazy about them.

  3. My 2 boyz love to make oreo balls. As a matter of fact, he put 2 pkg oreo cookies in the grocery cart last night!!!

    Your hearts look lovely -- good enough to eat

  4. I bought a kilo of Oreo's back from America, but they do not last long enough to make anything out of them except to pour milk to go with them :) Gina