My inspiration board

Hello again, sorry it's been a while since my last post... We have been visited by Keith's little sister, who stayed with us for a couple of days for a mammoth paper making session... Fun!

Today I thought I would show you a project I started a couple of weeks ago, and finally finished yesterday. My new inspiration board! It started out as a really simple cork board - this one from IKEA. I decided to jazz it up a little using acrylic paint in a lovely egg-shell white. Here's an in-progress shot:

Even I was surprised how much paint the cork board soaked up! I had bought a large tube of paint to make sure I had enough, but I still nearly ran out... Anyway, after 3+ coats and some embellishing, here it is:

I had to put it on the floor to get a decent picture, my wall is not that color... As you can see, I added a bit of ribbon, and I painted a bunch of clothespins to hold some of the pictures. Stella is on there of course... A couple of close ups of other things on the board:

The dog bookmark is a thrift store find, and the thread comes from my late grandmother's stash, some of which I inherited. I have been really into these light, dusty blues lately... Too bad they don't match any of the rest of our apartment! I might have to redecorate. :-)

And last but not least, here are some of the cute button thumbtacks I made for the board. You can also see the detail of the painted cork in this picture:

I really like them, and they were so easy to make. Just glue the buttons on to regular pushpins with craft glue, and you're done! I'm planning to make some more to add to swap packages in the future. Button magnets would be fun too. Our fridge is already full of magnets from my last marble magnet making session though, so they will have to go to someone else... A blog giveaway perhaps? What do you think?


  1. Hi Karin!!!
    Love your blog, especially your guidelines to a crafty life...;-)
    Will come by more often...;-)

  2. Hi Karin!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    I love the corkboard project. The little ribbon clothesline and the button pushpins are adorable.

    Kimberly :)

  3. Your cork board is gorgeous, do you mind if I fly over and steal it...?

    :D Kate

  4. Så snyggt! Jag gillar idéen med knappar på häftstift, kanske kommer sno den? :-)

  5. I love your inspiration board! What a great idea for clothes pins. And you can swap out the pictures for whatever your mood calls for. (Or more pictures of your beautiful niece Stella! Thanks for the tip on how much paint cork takes up. I have a roll of cork that I was going to put up in the girls play room and paint it. Now I know to get a lot of paint!