Recent purchases

I visited the most amazing fabric store the other day: Skroten, highly recommended for anyone within driving distance. It's huge! Lots of cheap and unexciting fabrics of course, but also the most amazing quilting section - and very cheap, at least by Swedish standards. I came away with this bundle:


These fabrics are a perfect sample of the color scheme in our living room, and they are going to become a warm and cozy lap quilt to snuggle under when the the rain pours outside. Did I tell you that Gothenburg gets the rainiest winters on the entire continent? Because it does. Or at least it feels like it... When we were done at the fabric store (which took a while, needless to say) we passed by a shoe store where I got a pair of really neat rubber boots, which will be keeping my feet dry September through February at least:


I took them for a test walk today and they are incredibly comfortable. I am now officially ready for fall!

Last of all my purchases is this pretty postcard, talk about old school embroidery!



  1. Hi Karin, I tagged you on my mal rĂ¼ber und schaus Dir an, ja??

  2. Fall... already :o) !? Can't be!! Those boots are really cute, and I love the fabric you picked out for your lap quilt. I'm sure it will turn out really cozy!

  3. Looks like you got some great buys. I like your patchwork fabric colours and patterns and I love the boots!

  4. The fabric is beautiful - the colors really nice. But I am in love with those boots! Wish I had some here for our winter - it doesn't get really cold or stay that way for long but I do love boots. Blessings, marlene

  5. I am LOOOOVING that fabric. It's so pretty I think I'd be afraid to sew with it! BTW I gave you an award on my blog!

  6. Those boots are so cool! and I love the fabric - I can't get enough of blue and brown together!

    Thank you for celebrating 100 posts with me!
    I'm so glad you stopped by as it lead me to your fantastic blog! xo

  7. I have some of those fabrics in a charm pack, that I am using to make a purse. They are really pretty.

  8. I love those galoshes - I keep meaning to pick up a pair, but I get scared that I won't use them and then in the next rainstorm I'm all mad that I don't have them!