I received some really lovely stamps in the recent stamp swap, and I've been looking for interesting ways to use them. Last night I had an idea - so of course I had to whip out my fabrics and try it out straight away. I made these fabric patches:

The tree and monogram stamps are from the swap, but the little birdies are my own design. The fabric is a heavy-weight cotton from IKEA, and I used a black VersaCraft inkpad to stamp the images. I think the images might have turned out clearer on a fabric with a higher thread-count, but the "faded" look is sort of nice too. I really like these patches, and I have a project in mind for them already... More on that later this week! I also made a couple of notecards just to try out my new black ink pad:

And just for fun, here are the stamps I carved for the swap. They have all been received now so I can finally show them. Not nearly as advanced as some in the swap, but I'm still learning... I'm especially proud of the cow:

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  1. I love your fabric swatches! What a great way to use stamps. Is it hard to make your own? I've never tried it. Also- my embroidery on a coffee filter is about 4 inches wide by 6 inches long. I can't wait to see what you do with the stamped fabric.