Simple sewing for Stella!

I have some sewing to show you - about time isn't it! Last month I received some lovely fabric charm squares in a a swap, and I knew at once what they would become. Here are the squares, along with some very pretty buttons:

Here's an in progress shot. As you can see, my kitchen table is where I do most of my crafting! :-)

And here is the result - a doll quilt for my niece! Stella turns one in a couple of days, and she had her birthday and namegiving party last weekend. My mom bought her a really cute little dolls bed, so I made this little quilt to match.

I matched the charms with some fabric in my stash, and I think it turned out quilt nice. I really like this color combo!


  1. very sweet quilt
    your blog has a nice feel
    thanks for coming to see mine

    cat xxx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always like to see who is reading. Cute doll quilt. I like how you added the sashing. Each year in my classroom we do a study of Sweeden. I would love to do some kind of a swap with you when school starts.

  3. Oh my gosh, I really love the way the quilt turned out. Good job!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog -- I REALLY appreciate it, as I love to meet new (and nice) people on the web through blogs :) It's so fun, isn't it?

    You said you've moved quite a bit. Would love to hear more about that from you, if you have the time. And yes, it's almost difficult to find that perfect place to live in.


  4. your blog is adorable! I love your craft ideas! I from the US, but my grandparents are from Sweden and I just love the "Swedish Feel" of things. Could you direct me toward a simple book to learn how to quilt?