Meet mr Raccoon!

Keith and I have a wall in our living room that has been almost bare ever since we moved into our apartment two years ago. My plan has always been to arrange photos, prints, and some of my embroidery there, I've just never get round to it. But last week I bought some wonderful wall art on Etsy, it'll be perfect for this space!

Meet mr Raccoon and mr Cheetah! These prints were bought from Berkley Illustration, a wonderful Etsy shop which sells the most amazing animal portraits! I wanted to get them all, but in the end Keith and I chose one each.

Aren't they great? They're so realistic, and there's so much emotion in those eyes! Next on my wish list is White Rabbit or Crow.

Check out the Berkley Illustration Etsy shop and blog! You can even buy their art at Urban Outfitters now!


  1. Aw, I like Mr Raccoon, and the Tiger.
    The frames you've chosen definitely give these paintings a sophisticated look.

  2. Mr racoon is very distinguished looking - love the facial expressions.

  3. Aww Mr Raccoon is the cutest of them all, in my opinion. Great buy!

  4. I so love their prints. I've wanted to get some for a while. My fave is the squirrel.