Sugary sweet

I've been doing a lot of baking lately. Keith's dad requested 200 (yes, 200) cinnamon rolls for an event that he was hosting, and I happily agreed... 200 cinnamon rolls takes a lot longer to make than you'd expect! :-)

In this pic you can see some of the rolls cooling off, and in the next one they are packaged up and ready to go. I'm happy to say that they were very well received by all the guests!

My recent adventures in baking has also included these pretty chocolate cakes, though I must say they were not quite chocolatey enough for my taste! They are pretty to look at though, I do love sprinkles!


  1. mm, det ser gott ut! Jag har skickat iväg ett mail till hon som är admin för gruppen FAA lucky parcels. Får se när hon hör av sig...
    Jag har annars en annan flickr grupp att rekommendera The handmade co. Jag har börjat swappa där också. Den är privat men det finns inte lika många swappare och vi kan behöva lite fler, tycker jag!;-)

  2. oh wow! 200 cinnamon rolls!! I'm impressed and quite hungry... they look so yummy :)

  3. I really could eat all of those right now! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! -Allison

  4. tee hee and baking, you are talented and busy...