Fabric shopping again

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I frequently complain about how expensive fabric is here... Compared to the US, prices are ridiculous! For this reason I spent 3 (!!!) hours in a boiling car today, just to visit my favorite discount fabric store. And it was SO worth it! :-)

Look at those lovely colors! I found lots of nice solids, stripes, gingham and polka dots today, but also som fun prints. These cute mushrooms, for example:

Unfortunately I didn't have enough money to get yards and yards of each print (who has these days?) so now I'm looking for fun and usaful projects that use a half yard or less... Any ideas would be appreciated!

Last but not least: Owl buttons, anyone?


  1. the owl buttons are super cute! and wow! that toadstool fabric is wonderful!

  2. The fabric and buttons are adorable! It's also hard getting fabric here on Guam. :(

  3. Hej Karin, vilken fin och inspirerande blogg DU har!
    Förutom fotograferandet har jag ägnat mig en hel del åt skapande i alla möjliga pappersformer, stämpeltekniker osv..
    Tack för kommentaren på min blogg och Välkommen åter!
    Ha en bra och kreativ dag

  4. http://www.allfreecrafts.com/sewing/cutlery-roll.shtml

    How about this? :D

    Yarnorama x

  5. Do you read Rashida's I Heart Linen blog? She has a wonderful knack for combining small amounts of colourful printed fabric with plain linen to create all sorts of prettiness. Something like that would probably eek out your precious finds a bit further! Pics on her Flickr stream here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/iheartlinen/sets/72157600422729349/

    Hope it helps, and will look forward to seeing what you come up with. :-)

  6. Oh wow - it looks gorgeous! You're lucky you can get cool fabric, in NZ you can't even buy it :(

  7. aww the house buttons are so sweet!!