Wedding photos, finally!

I'm still alive! We've just been having a bunch of computer problems, but here's the good news: our brand new mega-awesome computer will be arriving tomorrow! It might take Keith a couple of days to get it set up, but from then on I will be blogging in style!

But before that, I've been dying to show you some wedding photos... I thought since this is a craft blog, I would start with some of the crafty stuff. First up is this card I made to go along with the gift from my sister and me:

It's got some vintage lace at the bottom, and I also used some of the paper flowers I won in Gina's giveaway last week. I'm not very pleased with how the card turned out, but the bride and groom liked it, and that's what matters!

Next is a photo of the table setting and decoration. If you think it looks a bit odd, perhaps I should explain a little bit a bout the venue. The wedding was held in an old mill, built in the 18th century and still in use today. The building is really beautiful, constructed in a traditional Swedish style, and it sits right beside a forest lake. The wedding ceremony was held at the ground floor, and this picture shows the top floor where the reception, dinner and dancing took place.

As you can see the theme for the decorations was autumn; red and orange flowers, rowanberries, rose hips and pretty fall leaves. The next photo shows a little centerpiece I made for one of the smaller tables - the vase is actually a little red teapot we found hiding in the kitchen! :-)

And since I know many of you share my love of vintage, I'm sure you'll adore this as much as I did: All the walls in the downstairs hall were decorated with vintage china! Just look at all those yummy teacups!

Lastly, here is the most important picture - the bride and groom! Now I may be a tiny bit biased, but doesn't my mother just look radiant?


  1. I love the teacups! They are so unique!
    And I like the invitations.

  2. Oh your mother looks fantastic! Just glowing, and her new husband looks quite dapper too. I LOVE all of the tea cups, the flowers, the fall leaves... I'm so glad you and your family had such a wonderful time. The card you made looks awsome, I like the vintage lace on the bottom and the flowers go perfect with the theme. Splendid! Thanks for showing the pics. How is your altered book coming along?

  3. oh, wow! everything was perfect! your mother does look radiant... :]

  4. Vilket fint bröllop! Jag tycker om att se fina varianter på det traditionella "vita bröllopet". temat med höstfärger och blommor var jättefint!

    Kul att du e tillbaka i blogosfären igen!

  5. Your mum looks so happy! Congratulations to them!

    I love the wall of teacups xo

  6. The card is pretty. Your mom looks really happy in the picture! :)

  7. Åh vilka färger och vilken härligt inbjudande känsla! Tekopparna påminner mig om Alice i underlandet och hattmakaren. :)

    Efter förkylningen fick jag halsfluss och har spenderat hela helgen framför tvn och datorn. Då är det skönt att man har så här fina bloggar att titta på!

  8. Your mother does look beautiful and radiant! What a perfect wedding location. I love it how her dress and his tie are all very autumny. What a great theme. Autumn is definitely my favorite season. That reception hall is so quaint. I love the checkered curtains. I hope you're enjoying your weekend and your new computer!

  9. Gorgeous card. I'm getting married next year and have the same ring like design on all our invites.


  10. She looks so happy!!! Beautiful!