Welcome to the doll house

I promised myself last night that today would be the day I actually sat down and read the thickest one of my schoolbooks without falling asleep after five pages. I swear to you, this book is the perfect cure for insomnia - it's impossible to stay awake once you open the thing! But of course, I couldn't bring myself to do it... So to drown my guilt, I thought I'd lose myself in my crafting for a while, and made this:


Isn't she the cutest? The pattern for her comes from an awesome blog called inside a black apple and it has even been featured on Martha a while back. This is my first attempt at a black apple doll, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make. The only tricky part was positioning the arms and legs before sewing up the body - notice that her right arm is lower than her left? But hey, it was only my first try. The pattern is supposed to be enlarged 150%, but as that would have meant me having to actually leave the house (I haven't even opened the front door today) and ride the tram all the way to the library, I decided to make a mini version instead. Once I get the pattern enlarged, I plan on making a larger and more elaborate version for my soon-to-be-born niece. As my sister's due date approaches, I've been thinking a lot about stuff I want to make for the baby. There are so many possibilities! If you've had experience crafting for babies, please leave a message and tell me what you made! I would love to get some more inspiration.


My recent obsession with kiddy-crafts is also one of the reasons I decided to buy 20 sheets of wool mix felt from Laura of bugs and fishes. She creates the most amazing things out of felt, and up until just recently has also been selling pick-and-mix felt squares in her etsy shop. When she announced that she wasn't going to be selling her larger squares much longer, I rushed to buy one of the last listings. These squares are the sort of colors that are near impossible to find in Swedish craft stores - willow green, ginger, pistachio and a really lovely salmon pink. Look how great they look all laid out together:


I've got some really neat projects in mind for all this felt. I'll keep you posted! ;-)


  1. i just love the colour ranges in the felts you got.i to find it had to source these as i live in the country and rely on local shops.great score!

  2. Hi Karin,
    Thanks for sharing the link ri the felt shop, I love felt! I recently discovered the Black Apple too and I love her art and creative things...so cool. On the note of the baby projects, I personally love making knit baby booties but since you just bought some felt, this might also be a good project to try:



  3. hi, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog! I love your black apple doll, she turned out wonderfully, and your memory quilt is just beautiful
    : )

  4. Hi Karin, just doing a bit of old fashion stalking for the swap.

    Love the doll, its so cute!
    :D PlumCrafty

  5. I love that doll! It is adorable. =)

  6. Jättefin är hon! Ser fram emot att se mer dockor här på Din blogg...

    Varma hälsningar,