Thrifty weekend

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who left such nice comments about my quilt! I posted a thread about it on Craftster, and it got so much attention that my quilt was featured in the "Hot New Projects" section for a while:


It was great fun and also resulted in some new readers for this little blog, so I'm happy!

This weekend hasn't involved a lot of crafting, but I did do a lot of craft-inspired shopping! I'm still scouting the Gothenburg area for good thrift stores, and I haven't found any that I really love yet. Any Gothenburg residents reading this, let me know which stores you like! On Saturday I went to a flea market in a part of town called Bellevue, and spent about an hour wandering around in search of craft-worthy objects - keeping my eyes peeled for deals with the help of a slightly less enthusiastic boyfriend. Keith has been working the late shift for a few days now, so he wasn't overly excited about getting up early to look for wool sweaters and teacups. He puts up with a lot, poor man! :-) I found a few neat things at the Bellevue market, but you do have to wade through a lot of rubbish to get to the good stuff, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you've got a lot of patience! On Sunday, we went to a big thrift store called Holmens Marknad. We didn't stay there too long as they mainly sold furniture, and our little apartment is pretty full as it is! But of course I didn't leave empty-handed. Here are the results of my thrifty weekend:

HPIM2057 HPIM2055

The lovely blue and green fabric is a bed sheet, I'm not sure what to use it for yet but I love the print! I'm afraid my camera isn't quite good enough to show the pretty colors. The second pic shows a couple of nice wool sweaters that are going to become mittens, brooches and other neat things inspired by Betz White and her amazing felted wool creations. And I'll leave you with my very favorite purchase: these cute buttons that I foresee will be used a lot in the future as my sister is due to give birth to a baby girl next month!



  1. Hello! Thank you for coming to visit my blog. I am glad that you found it!
    Would you mind if I linked you to my blog?

  2. Vilka fina fynd! Jag blev riktigt sugen på att gå på loppis jag med, men det får bli senare i sommar...
    Måste också säga att quilten du har gjort är jättefin!