Fresh fruit

Whew, it's hot! I've been enjoying our great weather by visiting two awesome organic and natural food stores (FRAM and ekostore, pay a visit next time you're in the area!) and buying lots of tasty and healthy food. My favorite cookbook of all time is Dr Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat Cookbook - I read it whenever I need inspiration. And since Dr Gillian goes on and on about how important it is to buy organic, I thought I'd follow her advice. Shopping at organic food stores is so much nicer than rushing around the supermarket anyway! These pictures show some of my purchases; lots of fruit and veg and some really nice extra dark cocoa powder.


Keith has been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple of days, so to cheer him up I thought I'd use some of the lovely fruit to make pie! I made six sorts of crumble, mixing rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries and apples. I used mini baking pans - the perfect size for two! Here they are before I added the crumble...


...and here they are all done!


We had the rhubarb and strawberry one for dessert today, and it was really tasty. Yum!


  1. Your fruit crumbles look lovely - that is my son's favourite dessert! Love the idea of freezing them in smaller containers for when you need a sweet pick me up!
    Your Memory Quilt is gorgeous - love the monogrammed square.

  2. Hey, good luck with your blog and thanks for stopping by mine. Wish I could share some of that dessert!

  3. love the desserts.especially the rhubarb i don't think its used enough.i had it all the time when i was young.

  4. Those crumbles look so good. What is the recipe for the topping? I'd love to try it.

  5. kan tanka mig att kettan uppskattade dem, for vem kan vara nere med rabarberpaj?? :)

  6. That is so clever! Making lots of different small ones, instead of one big same-y one, I mean! I love crumble, too!