Geek week: Harry Potter crafts

Alright, this will be the last of my "geek week" posts. But since I am a huge Harry Potter fan, it didn't seem right to do a "geek week" without including some Potter-inspired crafts!

1. Handmade Hogwarts Notebooks 2. Owl paper cut 3. Gorgeous necklace by Guilia Snape 4. Amazing Death Eater mask by Epbot 5. Snitch Christmas Ornament tutorial 6. Free Owl Post printable 7. Awesome Potions book including instructions 8. Deathly hallows paper piecing 9. Amazing handmade wands

The above are a collection of some of my favorite Harry Potter crafts from around the web. I especially love crafts that aim to recreate magical items from the books in detail, like realistic looking wands, school books or magical sweets. Quirky, but still grown up, you know? I don't want my home to look like the Warner Bros' merchandise store threw up all over it... I don't have a lot of Potter memorabilia at home, but I do have one distinctly geeky home decor detail. Here we go:

Yeah, that's a picture of our toilet. A completely normal, muggle toilet. Right?

NO! In fact, it's the entrance to the Ministry of Magic! This is a nice easter egg for visiting Potter fans - I'm sure it looks completely crazy to everyone else. :-) It was a quick craft to do, all I did was do a google image search for "Ministry of Magic", print out the logo and cover the whole image with scotch tape. That way it's firmly attached to the inside of the toilet lid, and you don't have to worry about messing up the image when you're cleaning.

Does your geekiness show in your home? How?

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  1. I have bookmarks in the shape of socks (for Dobby) and I stuck my Ministry-logo on the flushing-knob. I've also painted the nimbus 2000 on my (average wooden cleaning) broom.