Smash book saturday: Inspiration

I haven't been doing much smash booking this week, there's been so much else going on. But I have been thinking a lot about ideas for future pages, and browsing Flickr and Pinterest for inspiration. I thought I would share some pages by talented smash bookers which caught my attention!

Smash book inspiration:

I'd like to get a bit more creative in my smash book, maybe even add some paint and collage. These photos have inspired me to try that in my next book! I'm also starting a list of topics that I want to journal/smash about in the future, for those days when I can't think what to write. Here it is so far, in case you need ideas:
To Smash:
My craft space
In the news today
Hexagon themed page
Adjectives starting with the letters of my name
Dinner/meal plans
Dreams (keep a notepad by the bed!)
Crafts I want to make
My neighbourhood
Books to read
My current obsessions
Favorite Quotes
Seasons (take more photos)
Healthy eating
Current to do list

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