Patchwork memories

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with projects right now - I have way too many WIPs in the works but I keep thinking of new ideas which I just HAVE to put into action right away... It's exhausting! I might have to put a moratorium on any more new projects for now, so I have time to catch up. Curse my short crafting attention span!

This patchwork project was an example of that short attention span. I have several big hand sewing projects going right now, but suddenly I felt an urge to start a machine sewing one. I have had the idea for a cushion cover using photo fabric in my head ever since I made a memory quilt using the stuff waaaay back in 2008 (see it here). And now was the time!

The photos are all from my Instagram feed over the last 1,5 years. The photo fabric sheets are Blumenthal Craft PhotoFabric from Swedish craft store Panduro, but I've used other brands before and they are all pretty similar - I know Michael's and JoAnne's carry them for example. Just feed the sheets through your (inkjet) printer, rinse and iron. For memory quilts and patchwork, the important thing is to make sure you buy photo fabric and not iron-on transfer paper. The iron-ons leave a sort of plastic coating on the fabric, which makes for difficult quilting and just doesn't look as nice. I think these prints came out really well, especially considering that they are Instagram shots (which have a pretty low resolution to start with). What do you think?

I had a blast choosing the color scheme to go with the photos, too. I went with blue to fit with the rest of the cushions on our couch. Another chance to use the awesome text fabric I bought a few weeks ago! Now I just need to actually sew this project together - no starting new projects until it's done! We'll see how that goes...

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