Patchwork balls again

I have made a ton of patchwork balls over the years (see this old post for one example), they are my go-to gift for new babies. I make them quite small and put a couple of bells inside, and they are usually a very appreciated gift! When I made my first ones I used this great tutorial by blogger iHanna - but of course by now I could probably make one in my sleep... They are a breeze to sew!

This one I actually made as a gift for Keith - he has been bugging me to make one for him for a couple of years now, lol. We had a few family members over today and the ball was quite a hit with the "grown-ups" too - it works great as a stress ball, perfect for tossing around. I snapped a quick photo with a regular tin can to give an idea of the size:

Now I'm considering making a whole bunch of balls in different sizes - they are just so fun and relaxing to make! I might try to find some Stockholm based kids' charities who could use some extra toys - always a good excuse to get crafting!

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