How is it December already?? We had the first snow in Stockholm yesterday - and though it melted within minutes, it was still a nice feeling. I've been doing quite a bit of Christmas crafting lately, but nothing I can show yet unfortunately! I have too many family mambers following my blog... So I thought I'd show you another little gift I made for Liv.

It's a patchwork ball, completely hand sewn using a great tutorial posted by iHanna. I've been following Hanna's blog for ages, and finally got round to making this. Hand sewing is really relaxing, and this ball is a great project even if you haven't done much hand sewing before.

I made two different balls for two different babies, and put a couple of little bells inside for added fun. It's the perfect size for throwing around - Keith has already asked me to make one for him, too!

Stockholm is great this time of year - all the Christmas lights, hanging out in cozy caf├ęs, going to the Christmas market right in my neighborhood... I'm ready for the holidays!


  1. Looks nice. I guess you could do some cheating with a sewing machine too ;) ?

  2. Thanks! This particular pattern would probably be difficult to sew by machine, on account of the paper piecing, but there are lots of other patterns for fabric balls which would work with machine sewing. Here's a really pretty one I found: