Catching up!

So, really, how do you summarize six months in one post? There has been way too much going on for me to write about it all, but I thought I'd show some snapshots of what I've been up to - enjoy!

I finally managed to finish my thesis, and in June I officially got my MSc in Political Science. I am beyond thrilled! I'll miss all the friends I've made though - some of whom I may never meet again as they will go back to their home countries far away from Sweden. Here is one of the last shots of my graduating class:

Keith also got his MSc (in computer science though) this spring, and one of the lovely things we did to celebrate was attend this graduation ball at a swanky ballroom in Gothenburg.

Yup, that's us. Looking way more grown up (and dressed up) than usual... The next thing we did, only weeks after me finishing my thesis, is pack up our apartment and move from Gothenburg to Stockholm. We managed to find a gorgeous sublet in Gamla Stan, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Stockholm. The building is 18th century - a bit drafty perhaps, but we love it!

So now that we have a new place to decorate and shop for, you may be seeing some more of that on this blog... Can you believe we have lived in the new place for four months and we still have several boxes yet to be unpacked! Our new apartment is much bigger than the last, and we just don't have enough furniture yet!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying Stockholm so far, and hopefully 2012 will be a good year for us with new things to see and do, people to meet and fun to be had!

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