Dolls and stitches

This little lady is going to be a gift for a certain someone... As soon as I manage to make some clothes for her, that is! I'm trying to find more time for sewing, it's so much fun but a little time (and space) consuming... This doll was made a couple of weeks ago. My inspiration came from the lovely and talented Jess Brown, though my doll-making skills certainly don't measure up to hers! I tried tea-dying the fabric for the body, to give a bit of an aged look... It was my first time tea-dying, and it worked great! The hair is a thick wool felt (vadmal) stitched on with embroidery floss. The arms are button-jointed.

And this is the view from the window sill! Spring is slowly approaching...

My mom visited last month, and she taught me something I've been dying to learn for ages: free motion stitching! I love it! I'm already experimenting with a major free motion stitched project, which will have to remain secret for a little while... The test piece above reads "Karin loves Keith" in my own very wobbly stitching.

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