My Bucket List

Hi there! Long time no see! I am still planning to re-awaken this blog at some point, but I have not had the time quite yet... This post is just to share one of the exercises I have done as a part of the Live a Better life in 30 Days Challenge at the Personal Excellence Blog. This is


  1. Go snorkeling in a coral reef
  2. Go on a road trip through Great Britain and Ireland
  3. Shower in a Waterfall
  4. Tour the White House
  5. Visit a Tropical Island
  6. Travel to at least 50 countries
  7. Visit the Great Wall of China
  8. Visit Japan
  9. Visit Russia
  10. Visit Iceland
  11. Visit every U.S. state
  12. Experience a sunset
  13. Experience a sunrise
  14. Go on a road trip across Sweden
  15. Camp in the wild & sleep under the stars
  16. Go hiking in Norrland
  17. Go WWOOFING in another country
  18. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  19. Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  20. Go river rafting or inner tubing
  21. Climb a Mountain
  22. Cruise the Pacific Ocean
  23. Go on a Road Trip across the US
  24. Go backpacking through Eastern Europe
  25. Hike through a Jungle
  26. See the midnight sun
  27. Live in at least 5 Foreign Countries
  28. Earn a Master’s Degree
  29. Have an inspiring and meaningful job in an international organization
  30. Work professionally with peace, development or human rights issues
  31. Give a guest lecture at a university
  32. Speak at a conference or event
  33. Be an expert in my line of work
  34. Be a mentor to someone
  35. Organize a successful charity event
  36. Publish a piece in a Newspaper
  37. Create a Personal Website
  38. Be Debt Free
  39. Study something purely out of interest
  40. Become Financially Stable And Independent
  41. Have a successful blog
  42. Fly First Class
  43. Campaign for Political office
  44. Be my ideal weight
  45. Get Pampered at a Spa
  46. Have my teeth whitened
  47. Have nutritious eating habits
  48. Make Exercise a regular habit
  49. Meditate
  50. Get a complete makeover
  51. Create my dream home
  52. Have a home office and library
  53. Have a wardrobe filled with nice clothes
  54. Acquire Patience
  55. Be present in the moment
  56. Become a better listener
  57. Forgive myself
  58. Forgive others
  59. Laugh more, be happy
  60. Learn how to take a compliment well
  61. Stop biting my fingernails
  62. Try things I'm afraid to do
  63. Go to a personal coach
  64. Make a Memory Book of My Life
  65. Read 100 Works of Classic Literature
  66. Write
  67. Grow a Flower Garden
  68. Grow my own vegetables
  69. Learn how to paint
  70. Paint a Self-Portrait
  71. Sew a quilt
  72. Learn to make pottery
  73. Make an altered journal
  74. Sew a dress for myself
  75. Skate at a roller rink
  76. Go to a Comic-con
  77. Go to a costume party
  78. Sell my handmade creations
  79. Sell at a craft show
  80. Have a beautiful craft room
  81. Send a message in a bottle
  82. Throw a huge party for all my friends and family
  83. Learn how to cook
  84. Volunteer 1000 Hours
  85. Volunteer at a shelter on Christmas Eve
  86. Go a month without television
  87. Fly a kite
  88. Join the Mile High Club
  89. Receive a love letter
  90. Take a Cooking Class
  91. Learn Latin
  92. Learn Spanish
  93. Re-learn German
  94. Learn sign language
  95. Learn to drive
  96. Spend more time in nature
  97. Own a really nice Camera
  98. Own a Vacation Home
  99. Grow old with someone
  100. Make a difference in someone’s life
  101. Change the world
What is your Bucket List?


  1. Det måste har varit svårt att sätta ihop en sån lista?
    Jag är riktigt imponerad och inspirerad!

  2. Ja det var lite klurigt, men man kan ju tjuvkika på andras listor och inspireras! :)

  3. Beautiful! Your blog is adorable.

  4. Hi Karin! I hope that you're doing well and making progress on your list :o) Have a lovely weekend!