Exciting News

Sorry for my complete absence over the past few weeks... I'm afraid this blog will be on hiatus for a while as I try to keep my head above water, school-wise. Not much time for anything else!

I just wanted to share some exciting news: Next spring I will be doing an internship at the UN headquarters in New York! I am beyond excited! I will be at the UN Office for Partnerships, it's the perfect place for me. Can't wait! :-)

To keep this craft related: I have been to NY once before, but I didn't get to do much craft related shopping or crafty sight seeing that time - so any ideas and tips would be appreciated! Those of you who follow this blog will know I often complain about Swedish fabric prizes, so you can bet I'll do a lot of shopping next spring. :-)

Take care everyone, I'll be back soon!


  1. du förtjänade verkligen den praktikplatsen, o kommer vara GRYM där!! så glad för din skull! sen om shoppingen, självklart måste du köpa båtlaster med märkeskläder o skor! :D

  2. Congrats on your internship, how exciting! When you are in New York you have to go to Purl Patchwork, it's a quilt store I think in Manhatten. (I've never been there but I have ordered stuff from them online and they have alot of really great stuff) Love your handmade journal too...

  3. I hope blogger lets you know you have a new comment!

    Last year I stitched up your 2009 embroidery sampler and it's been hanging on my wall all year (potluckcrafters.blogspot.com)

    I'm wondering if you put together a new one for 2010? I'd love another stitchery project but don't have the knack for designing them myself.


  4. Hi Karin, I just followed you over here from a link you left on Chez Larsson, where you asked about Michaels craft stores in NY.

    There is one in Manhattan now, it just opened a couple months ago. It's at 100th Street and Columbus Avenue, on the west side of Manhattan.

    In addition to Purl Soho, one of my favorite boutiques for fabric is The City Quilter, at 25th Street and 6th Ave (Ave. of the Americas).

    I would also recommend attending a Craft Night or two at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. They have a free, organized craft nights nearly every Monday evening.

    Congratulations on your internship!

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