Learning a new craft - bento boxes!

Remember I told you about having a new food-related obsession? Yes, I've started to make bento lunches! These japanese lunchboxes are a blast to make and eat, and help a lot with portion control - but though they look tiny, they really do hold a lot!

Many bento makers spend a lot of time making beautiful, cute and elaborate bentos. Take a look at this or this bento to see what I mean! But I am still a beginner, so I'm focusing on making my bentos healthy and filling rather than pretty. Cookie cutters are a great way to make simple bentos look more fun though - like the heart and star sandwiches in the box above! :-)

My sister got me this blue box and two others when she visited London a few months ago - unfortunately, bento boxes are really hard to find in Sweden. Thanks, sis! Having a nice box makes bringing leftovers to work a lot more fun. The above bento is just a mix of what I happened to have in the fridge that day - and it still manages to look somewhat appetizing!

If you want to learn more about bento making, I warmy recomment the blog Lunch in a Box, it's got all the information you could possibly need and more! I'm hoping to improve my bento making skills this summer, so there will be more bento related posts to come!


  1. Heart shaped sandwiches are so cool and I love your bento box - do you know where in London your sis got it from?

    Can't wait to see more, those Flickr ones amazing!! xo

  2. I was on a bento craze for a while (there´s still a bento cathegory on my blog), and I have a collection of bento boxes and bento accessories - those tiny containers and skewers and bottles you use to make the bento look all that cuter (and hold condiments and sauces of course!). I got a couple of bentos in Stockholm, but most was swapped - I did a lot of kawaii swapping a couple of years ago (try gimmeyourstuff.blogspot.com - lots of great people to swap with!).

  3. SOME ARE SO BEAUTIFUL... I couldn't it it! :)

  4. Wow! I think I need to go to Japan just for an authentic bento box experience. But I just can't help wondering how early Mums have to wake in the morning to sort out school lunches (I have been checking out those links - gulp!). It may have just become apparent that things are slightly less considered in this household in the mornings...