Chocolate pick-me-up

I haven't been feeling very creative lately - I'm having a tough time in school and when I get home I just want to throw myself down in front of the TV... Which is why I was so inspired and happy to find out about the Art Every Day Month project. I'm not officially a member, but I'm going to try and make November a creative month. I just entered another swap over at Craftster, and I'm going to try and make some more ATCs when I get the time.

I've also been doing a lot of baking, it is so very satisfying! I thought I'd share a classic swedish recipe (it's so simple I don't know if you can even call it that) which is great for when you're feeling a little down - Swedish chocolate balls!

This is a very traditional Swedish sweet/pastry, especially common at childrens' parties. And let me tell you, it is yummy! Rather than converting my recipe from the metric system, I thought I'd just share this link, from what I can tell it seems to be the same recipe I use. The measurements in that recipe make a huge batch though, so you might want to halve it. Also, I rolled my lovelies in sprinkles rather that sugar or coconut flakes, just to make them look more cheerful.

I'm looking forward to another thing this weekend that I'm sure will make me feel more creative: Going to Stockholm for a huge sewing fair! Yay! The trip will also give me another chance to spend some time with this lovely lady:


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  2. Så komiskt, jag tänkte faktiskt göra chokladbollar idag men hann inte. Det är flera år sen jag gjorde dem senast så det var ju verkligen lustigt! Vad söta du gjorde dina förresten!

  3. yum yum loks really good!!! Just turn off that TV and get crafting girl!!! Show us all your doing!

  4. Oooh, those chocolate balls look so good. Have a great time at the craft fair!

  5. thank-you so much for this link, they sound so good. I may just make a batch right now! Hope you had fun at the fair!

  6. Those chocolate balls look heavenly! I know what you mean about not feeling very creative. It's hard to get motivated when you are tired from a busy day. Enjoy your sewing fair this weekend and really enjoy your niece. She's beautiful!

  7. Karin, I'm so happy you found my blog! I have an affinity for Swedish design so I will be adding yours to my favorites!! I can understand your feelings...I go through slow periods of not wanting to do anything. Then there's times like now when I can't find enough time to do everything I want to do! Don't be hard on yourself. I was too hard on myself when I was younger and it just made me stop doing my art all together. I'm going to check out that Nov. art challenge. At the beginning of the year, I tried to do something creative every day but it only last about 2-3 months! It did get me to sketch almost every day. But it was really impossible to do something for a whole year! That's when I decided to stop expecting so much and then I just let it flow when it wanted to. Entering an art show was great motivation too (scary, but worth it!). Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend!!! :)
    xoxo Bethany

  8. Hi Karen, I was thrilled this morning when I saw that you had visited my blog and left a lovely comment, welcome, I so love having people visit, I hope you will become a regular. I am going to add your blog to my blog roll, I hope that is ok.
    What wonderful cookies and the recipe couldn't have come at a more perfect time, in about a week I have to help bake cookies for about 150 people for a party my brother-in-law is hosting at his antique store, so this recipe will be a great help, thank you.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    PS That is one beautiful baby!

  9. Hi Karen,

    I too am glad I found your blog. I've been to Sweden several times now and I love it there. I must try the Swedish chocolate balls, sound so interesting.

    You must tell us all about the Stockholm craft fair.