Fall flowers

We've been having the most amazing weather lately! It's been incredibly sunny for this time of year, and the leaves are starting to change colors. I'm loving all the reds and yellows... I tried to decorate our apartment accordingly, and I even bought myself a bright red shirt to match! :-D

One of my decorating projects comes from a Swedish craft book written by Josefin Ekman, who also writes the blog Dear Martha - go check it out! Anyway, this is another project that has that "reduce, reuse, recycle" feel to it:

Yes, those are tin cans! When I first read about this idea it seemed a bit odd to me, too. But I really like the result! You don't need a lot of flowers, either. The smallest one wasn't planned, I just has so many flowers left when I finished the other two that I decided to rummage through the cabinets for another can. I think the one in the middle is my favorite. Here it is displayed with some more fall goodies:

The candles in the picture come from the Yankee Candle Co. Their scented candles are amazing! I wish you could sniff them through the computer screen... I got Orchard Pear and Cafe au Lait because I thought they were fitting for fall.

Oh, and in case you're curious, here is Josefin's version of the flower tins - much prettier than mine but not very fall-like:

What do you think- cute craft of just crazy?


  1. I LOVE your flowers and the cans you used to put them in! Those flowers are gorgeous. I also really like Yankee candles. Haven't bought any in a while because I'm on a budget but they do smell great. You've given me an idea for my daughter's birthday next week, she loves flowers. Have a great week.

  2. Very cute, I'm stealing the idea right away! :)
    Läste en recension av boken nånstans och det stod typ att Josefin Ekman var ett hån mot alla som verkligen har rätt att kalla sig konsthantverkare. Verkar lite överdrivet, tror inte att hon kallar det hon gör konst utan mer pysslare och det kan ju innebära just såna här enkla projekt som alla kan fixa.
    Kan du rekommendera boken i övrigt?

  3. Vilken rolig idé! Det blev hur snyggt som helst medde där höstfärgerna! Och vilken jättemumsig tårta i det andra inlägget! :) Min mage blev alldeles tårtsugen, konstigt nog ^_^

  4. This is a very, very cute idea! I like recycling and re-using whenever there is a way.

  5. I really love your flower cans! Glad that you like the book :)

  6. Very cute way to show flowers!

  7. Wonderful idea using a can for the flowers .Lot of can's are just beautiful. You inspire me each time i come.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    hugs ginger