Back from my vacation

I had a great week visiting my parents and my sister, and of course my little niece. Stella is completely adorable! My father, Keith and I were the first to visit her, just four days after she was born. I thought I'd share a photo of her wearing the little booties I made!


Most of my vacation week was spent at my mom's house, relaxing, enjoying the countryside and of course, crafting! I spent an entire day helping my mom organize her fabric stash. It was a lot of fun sorting through all that fabric. We found lining fabric from a jacket my mom made for me when I was a child, left over corduroy from an awful pair of trousers I made in high school, and scraps from all sorts of other projects. We are both very proud of the result - what do you think?


We also arrived at the house at the perfect time for berry picking, so we spent a lot of time picking raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries. My mother and her husband-to-be have the most amazing wild raspberry plants in their garden, they pick like a kilo every day and there are still berries left! So of course Keith and I couldn't pass up the chance to take home some amazing home made jam and juice!


The picture shows all the berry goodness we brought home with us: raspberry jam, raspberry and blackcurrant jam, raspberry juice, rhubarb syrup and fresh redcurrants. Are you jealous yet?

I'll leave you with a shot of some of the lovely flowers in mom's garden. Pretty, aren't they?



  1. Yummy! And the organization with the stash is awesome. :) How sweet that your mom still has that fabric from your childhood.

  2. Hello Karin, love the summer fruits and the pics of your mom's stash , I feel a sudden urge to go and organise my very untidy stash right away!!

  3. Visste e det härligt med en massa bär hemma!:-) Jag är verkligen imponerad av er organisation och det enorma utbudet av tyger. Måste vara härligt att komma hem till det!

  4. well i must say, that is one impressive stash of pretty fabrics you've got there...i am quite jealous. and hooray for you for having the motivation to get if only some of that would rub off on me :)

  5. I'm so glad you had such a nice visit home. And what a fabric stash! You should make something with the lining fabric for your niece. (Sentimental I know but those are the things we cherish!) I'm jealous of all the jams you got to bring home! Thanks for sharing your trip.