Another item on my to do list...

Okay, so my crafty new year didn't get off to a very good start - I didn't do anything creative at all this weekend. Just a lot of cleaning and binge-watching the Tudors (HOW did I not watch this brilliant series before now??)... One reason I haven't crafted a lot lately is that my craft space looks like THIS:

Yes, that's the very ugly truth! In all honesty, this is what my crafting desk looks like most of the time - I do a lot of my crafting in other parts of our apartment, like the kitchen table or in the living room, so this desk usually turns into some kind of "I'll sort this through later" dumping ground for works in progress, supplies and little bits of thread and paper that don't have a proper home yet.

So for week three of the new year, my big crafting goal will be to sort this desk out and actually spend some time at it! Wish me luck!

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