The less exciting part of being a crafter

Most of the time craft blogs (including this one) are full of pictures of finished projects, yummy stacks of fabric and carefully styled supplies. And while I wish that was all there was to crafting, unfortunately it's not! Today I've been busy with a boring but necessary crafting task - pre-washing a ton of fabric.

I've got a patchwork project in the works, and I hate being unsure when I pull out a fabric from my stash whether I've pre-washed it or not. Especially for patchwork that will be used and washed a lot, pre-washing is important. These days I try to pre-wash new fabrics as I buy them, but I still have a ton of un-washed fabrics in my stash. My goal is to wash and iron my whole stash in the coming months.

Two IKEA blue bags full of fabric, whew! I'll be spending the next two weeks finding little bits of thread all over the laundry room, the couch, my clothes, and in the most unlikely places... And now it's time for an even more boring task: All that ironing! I'll spare you the pictures of me at the ironing board, binge-watching Stargate episodes. The things we do... :-)

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